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  • Turkey:Not an illness nor a crime- Published on Jun 20, 2011 by AmnestyInternational (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)
    Turkish Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people demand equality  Added: Nov 8 2011
  • Colombia: Persecución homofóbica en Cartagena / Homophobic persecution in Cartagena- by 10/23/11: (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)
    Aunque una pareja gay organizó minuciosamente su unión de hecho y la celebración respectiva, todos los detalles comenzaron a desbaratarse... El complot llegó al tal extremo que la Policía ejecutó la captura de uno de ellos sin tener ninguna orden... ¡Qué tal esto! <br><br>  Added: Oct 25 2011
  • MOVILH - Documentation (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)
    En esta sección los estudiantes, investigadores, periodistas , académicos; y cualquier otra persona o institución interesada en conocer la realidad de las minorías sexuales en Chile; puede encontrar amplios y rigurosos antecedentes que el Movilh pone a disposición de la opinión pública en forma absolutamente gratuita. <br><br> También pueden conocerse los principales proyectos de ley que involucran a las minorías sexuales y que se están tramitando ante el gobierno y/o el Congreso, así como pronunciamientos históricos ya aprobados en la Cámara de Diputados. <br><br> En un último apartado se publican importantes declaraciones o resoluciones internacionales sobre los derechos de las minorías sexuales que han involucrado a Chile. <br><br> Todo estudio y documento aquí expuesto, y que ha sido elaborado por el Movilh, debe utilizarse citando siempre la fuente, de manera de resguardar el derecho de propiedad intelectual. <br><br> De la misma manera el uso de estudios elaborados por el Movilh para ser presentados ante autoridades y/u organismos de derechos humanos nacionales o internacionales con el fin de obtener beneficios personales y/o institucionales debe informarse previamente al organismo autor de los textos, con el objeto de emitir la autorización respectiva. Para tales efectos, se debe extender una solicitud a  Added: Oct 21 2011
  • BBC REPORT ON PAKISTANI GAY MUSLIMS - Part 1 of 6.flv (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)  Added: Jul 6 2011
  • Muasya Intersex Decision Rejecting a Third Gender in Kenyan Law, 06/20/11 (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)
    A landmark court case filed by Richard Muasya, an intersex person, was decided last December by Kenyan High Court judges Hannah Okwengu, Ruth Sitati and George Dulu. Richard Muasya was awarded Sh500,000 for the inhuman and degrading treatment he experienced at Kamiti Maximum Prison but his request to have a third gender introduced into Kenya?s books of statutes was rejected. This case is being appealed by Muasya's lawyer John Chigiti who now represents eight intersex persons.  Added: Jun 21 2011
  • Law like Love - A queer perspective of law in India (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)
    Summary <br><br> With the landmark Delhi High Court victory in July 2009, sexuality and the law entered mainstream, legal and public discourse in India inviting both celebration and resistance. How do we understand this conversation? The July judgement stands on the shoulders of a much longer history, argue the writers in this contemporary and critical volume on queering the law. A longer history that shapes, unsettles and challenges both legal and queer histories and begins new conversations on the intersections between bodies, politics, activism, sexuality, identity and law. Some playful, some critical and others reflective and irreverent, this unique collection of pieces brings the life, structures and institutions of law alive and shine with relevance in the contemporary moment.  Added: May 19 2011
  • Download ILGA's 2011 World Map on Lesbian and Gay Rights! (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)  Added: May 18 2011
  • 2010 US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices -04/08/11 (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)  Added: May 18 2011
  • Introduction to 'African Sexualities: A Reader' Sylvia Tamale 05/11/11 (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)
    ?African Sexualities? is a groundbreaking new volume, forthcoming from Pambazuka Press. As well as using popular culture to help address the ?what, why, how, when and where? questions, the book?s contributors provide a critical mapping of African sexualities that informs readers about the plurality and complexities of sexualities on the continent ? desires, practices, fantasies, identities, taboos, abuses, violations, stigmas, transgressions and sanctions. At the same time, the contributors pose gender-sensitive and politically aware questions that challenge the reader to interrogate assumptions and hegemonic sexuality discourses, thereby unmapping the intricate and complex terrain of African sexualities. <br><br> The following article by ?African Sexualities? editor Sylvia Tamale comprises the book?s introduction.  Added: May 13 2011
  • Human Rights World Report 2011 [sexual orientation/HIV] (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)
    Kenya continues to punish consensual adult sexual conduct with up to 14 years imprisonment. On February 11, following unsubstantiated rumors of a "gay wedding" in the coastal town of Mtwapa, influential Muslim and Christian religious leaders demanded the closure of the Mtwapa office of the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), which conducts research on HIV/AIDS with men who have sex with men. The religious leaders issued a statement promising to "flush out gays" in Mtwapa. On February 12, a group of over 200 individuals-armed with sticks, stones, and other makeshift weapons-surrounded KEMRI. Smaller mobs went to the homes of people suspected of being gay. The police attempted to protect the individuals targeted by the mob by taking them into custody. Another mob severely beat up a KEMRI volunteer on February 13. Two individuals were beaten up in Mombasa on suspicion of being gay, on February 13 and 16 respectively. In Mtwapa, Mombasa, and elsewhere, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people went into hiding in fear for their lives, and HIV/AIDS outreach, testing, and treatment among men who have sex with men remains compromised by the attacks and the continuing climate of homophobia.  Added: Feb 27 2011
  • Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti / Special Section on Sexual Minorities and HIV/AIDS (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)
    Coun try Con di tion Infor ma tion | Cases | Law Arti cles | Links  Added: Feb 15 2011
  • Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law [Uganda] (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)
    The Coalition was established in October 2009 in response to the tabling of a now notorious Anti-Homosexuality Bill in the Ugandan Parliament. <br><br> While in the long run the Coalition hopes to tackle numerous issues related to human rights and constitutional law in Uganda, at this point in time our website is dedicated to our campaign to see the now notorious Anti-Homosexuality Bill dropped from Parliament's agenda.  Added: Jan 4 2011
  • David Bahati on The Rachel Maddow Show [Youtube] 12/08/10 Part 1 (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)  Added: Dec 9 2010
  • David Bahati on The Rachel Maddow Show [Youtube] 12/08/10 Part 2 (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)  Added: Dec 9 2010
  • Uganda newspaper publishes 'gay list,' calls for their hanging (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)
    CNN: Uganda's gay population is living in fear after a paper published a list of the "top 100 homosexuals" to target.  Added: Oct 21 2010
  • Report of the Secretary-General on the Situation of Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran / United Nations A/63/459 General Assembly Distr.: General 1 October 2008 (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)
    "Furthermore, it was reported that those accused of homosexual acts were routinely flogged and threatened with execution." <br><br> in May 2007, police raided a private party in Esfahan, arresting 87 persons, including 4 women and at least 8 people whom they accused of wearing the clothing of the opposite sex. It was reported that police stripped many of them to the waist in the street and beat them until their backs or faces were bloody. Twenty-four of those arrested were tried for ?facilitating immorality and sexual misconduct?, as well as possession and consumption of alcohol. In June 2007 a court in Esfahan found all of them guilty of various combinations of those charges. Most were sentenced to up to 80 lashes and fines of 10 million to 50 million riyals ($1,000-$5,000).  Added: Oct 18 2010
  • Kenya: African blacks burn gays part 1- July 2010 (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)  Added: Sep 21 2010
  • kenya: African blacks burn gays part 2 - July 2010 (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)  Added: Sep 21 2010
  • Gay Murder - Turkey - July 2010 (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)
    July 2010 Turkey may be on the brink of joining the EU, but a frighteningly conservative mentality is gaining strength over a more secular, modern Turkey. We investigate what may be the first gay honour killing.  Added: Sep 16 2010
  • Lesbian and Gay Rights in Asia - by on 05/31/10: (Sexual Minorities & HIV Status)  Added: Jul 19 2010
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