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  BCIS (formerly INS)
Guidelines and training manuals for asylum officers.
  Asylum Officer Training Course (2001)
NEW! (03/2003) Over 20 lesson plans used by the Immigration Officer Academy on subjects including: one year filing deadline, interviewing, assessing eligibility, credible fear, etc.
  INS Inspector's Field Manual (2001)
  Memorandum re: Refugee and Asylee EAD
BCIS clarifies that asylees are not required to apply for an employment authorization document (EAD) as proof of eligibility to accept employment.
(PDF - 109 KB) Document Date: 10 Mar 2003
  Affirmative Asylum Procedures Manual
from the BCIS Office of International Affairs
(PDF - 1,069 KB) Document Date: 1 Feb 2003
  Affirmative Asylum Procedures Manual - Appendices
from the BCIS Office or International Affairs
(PDF - 486 KB) Document Date: 1 Feb 2003
  Guidelines for Children's Asylum Claims (United States)
(PDF - 455 KB) Document Date: 10 Dec 1998
  Gender Guidelines for Asylum Officers (United States)
1995 document outlining considerations asylum officers should give to gender-based claims.
(PDF - 1,560 KB) Document Date: 26 May 1995

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