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This section of the site contains the statutes and other legal references that provide the basis for seeking asylum in the major countries of refuge around the world.

In addition to the basic immigration law, the database for each country contains a number of tools that help make the preparation of an asylum application easier, faster, and more accurate. These tools include immigration forms that can filled out and edited on a computer (instead of a typewriter), model applications, declarations, human rights reports, and trial briefs.

's structure ensures that the information contained here is generally reliable and accurate. Major non-profit organizations in each country have collaborated to select, verify and contribute the information.

The documents are organized by the country of refuge for each asylum seeker. Select a country below to find the legal tools relevant for your case. A link to international documents, like the Geneva Convention, is at the bottom of the page.

So far, only the countries in red have documents that are available. But be sure to check back frequently as this site is under constant development. Or, if you know of documents that should be on this site, e-mail us ( and we will try to add them.